Monday, 6 April 2009

Making IT a little fairer . . .

This time two weeks ago I was recovering from an amazing weekend in Amsterdam with the makeITfair guys. Two weeks on, and I have just about found the time to tell you all about my wonderful experiences there!

You may remember from previous meanderings, I attended a Youth Roundtable in Amsterdam to discuss with the engaged youth of Europe the ways in which we could make IT a little fairer.

The first day, although very fun, it was very presentation based. The second day was very much more workshop and discussion orientated, but also provided us with very practical ideas and information on how to organise and fund campaigns. I felt at the beginning of the weekend that the NGO would struggle to provide us with an easy platform in which we could launch Europe wide campaigns. By the end of the weekend I personally felt that the event was very useful for providing participants very useful practical tools (both ethical & physical) to come home and really spread the word of the makeITfair movement.

In terms of practical campaigns and actions I intend to work on and think about, you lovely blog readers can help me out tremendously in such a small and effective way! If you could all take just a few minutes out of your day to take action against companies which refuse to pay their staff fair wages or provide suitable working conditions it would be greatly appreciated.

The wonderful Dutch GGTV followed our every move over the weekend, and put together this great short documentary:

If you enjoyed the makeITfair rap, written and produced by 'El D', aka Alec J Weatherwood, check out his beats on his myspace page.


  1. thanks for the link bro :)

    El D

  2. Always happy to help out where I can!

    Plus, I really like your style, so I'm happy to recommend to all that I can!