Monday, 7 September 2009

Future EU Cooperation in the Youth Field

This weekend, on the 12th – 14th September 2009, the Swedish Presidency has arranged a conference on the EU’s future youth policy framework. Youth representatives, directors-general and officials from all EU Member States, as well as applicant and EFTA countries, have been invited to the conference. A number of selected experts in the field of youth from different parts of Europe will also be in attendance.

The purpose of the conference is to give the participants an opportunity to meet and discuss the substance of future EU youth policy cooperation. The consultations will be based on a series of previous efforts, such as the European Commission’s communication 'An EU Strategy for Youth – Investing and Empowering', the Member States’ evaluations of the current cooperation in the area of youth policy, the European Youth Forum's (YFJ) shadow report, and the output from the 'Youth Event on Future EU Youth Policy meeting' during the Czech Presidency.
The results will contribute to the discussions in the Council Working Party on Youth. The decision on a new framework for youth policy cooperation will then be taken by the Council on the 26th & 27th November 2009.
The conference this weekend will be attended by some 250 participants, of whom an equally large number will consist of directors-general and officials, and of youth representatives. In addition to the two experienced facilitators, an internationally renowned lecturer and several pop artists will contribute to the conference.

As a Young UK Ambassador, I, along side fellow ambassador Jaffer Hussain will be in attendance as the UK representatives.The Young UK Ambassadors is a new international representation project run in partnership by the British Youth Council, Funky Dragon, Northern Ireland Youth Forum, Scottish Youth Parliament and UK Youth Parliament.

We Young UK Ambassadors are a team of 15 young people (aged 16-25) who will represent all UK Young People at international events like European Union, Commonwealth or United Nations conferences as well as consulting on international issues here in the UK. There are 3 young people from each of the partner organisat
ions so they come from all over the UK and between them, they have a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences that they bring to the project.

Ahead of the conference this weekend in Stockholm, myself and Jaffer have been attempting to consult with as many young people across the UK as possible to ensure we effectively represent a cross section of views in our participation! If you are reading this before the 10th of September 2009, we may still be able to represent your views on this European platform. Please spend just a few minutes of your time today to visit our survey so that we can be the vessel for your voice this weekend!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dear blog, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you as of late...

This truly is a harrowing tale of neglect - as I look upon my most recent post, way back at the end of April I realise not only how much has happened and changed in my life since then, but I've realise how many chances I have missed to reflect on the fantastic experiences that I have had along the way!

Although all my exploits have been carefully captured on my FlipCam and uploaded to my YouTube Channel, I feel that I have somewhat cheated myself by not excessively evaluating my work, thoughts and travels though the medium of this blog!

Tonight, I promise one thing: Blog, dearest, dearest blog, I promise to neglect you no more - from in-depth analysis of my current political opinions to fleeting thoughts on passing musical purchases, I promise to write for you often, regardless of content and forethought! Is that ok?

Although resurrecting this blog has been at the back of my mind for some time, I also have other motives. I am beginning to write for a number of other blogs, and just as I would warm up before a run, I think I should do the same in blogging. So think of this as a blogging stretch so that I am warmed up and will not injure myself in the marathon ahead!

I'm yet to post on the following blogs, but keep a close eye out in the near future! (Also, they are really great blogs, so you should read them anyway if you are that way inclined!)

The Tamworth Blog - The Tamworth Blog is a blog for both local people and those looking at visiting the beautiful, Staffordshire market town. The aim of the blog is to open discussion to discuss developments in the town and things that effect us. Everybody is welcomed who has an opinion or passion for a story or event, and you can let the Tamworth Blog know about them at or follow on Twitter @tamworthtwit.

The New Federalist - The The New Federalist is magazine of the Young European Federalists (JEF). This blog is its online version, published in cooperation with Le Taurillon, eurocitizen’s magazine.

The Young Activist's Blog - As you may know from previous meanderings I have been actively supporting the makeITfair campaign this year. Since my involvement in the makeITfair Youth Round Table way back in March I have been working on putting together a blog that brings together all the Youth Campaigns that support the project that have been springing up around Europe. Creating the blog has been somewhat of a slow process, but I am pleased to announced that it should soon go live. Once it does, I will naturally announce it here - but until then add: to your reader or RSS!