Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Putin's Powerballads

So, ok.... I pretty much have two passions in life.

The first is obviously music.

The second, well.... it's Politics!

So with it being inauguration day and all, I thought I would take this rare opportunity to discuss the two together!

Now many artists, across most genres, like to sing, rap, shout and talk about politics on a variety of issues or levels.

For some artists / bands / groups, politics of some form is central to their identity.

For other artists, a certain political campaign merely provides them with a bandwagon to jump on in an attempt to sell more records!

Putting this aside, it got me thinking:

I wonder what our world leaders like to get down to?

I wonder what helps them wind down after a hard day of trying to sort where our world is heading?!

Does Brown kick back to the blues? Did Regan like the Reggae?

So I decided to try and find out!

So let us start with the big man himself. I scoured my new favourite site,Obamapedia for a clue as to what he likes, but to no avail!

Turning to Rolling Stone, I found an interview with Barak in which explains:

"that, growing up, he listened to Elton John and Earth, Wind & Fire but that Stevie Wonder was his ultimate musical hero during the 70s. The Stones` track Gimme Shelter topped his favourite songs from the band. His selection also contained 30 songs from Dylan."

Now, putting aside the man's ideals, anyone who listens to lots of Dylan, has got to be trustworthy!

And only yesterday we saw Barak's love of music shine through when he launched the inauguration parties with a musical celebration , inviting his personal musical hero - Stevie Wonder!

Ok ok, I realise this is staring to look like an Obama blog, so I'll move on! (Come to think about it, I may just start an Obama blog - watch this space!)

There is just far too many international characters to go into any detail, but check out these few choice quotes that have been noted when politics and beats collide!

Gordon Brown -

''After the Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and, well, Leona Lewis, another name can be added to my list of favourite pop artists - Rufus Wainwright''

(Ex) President Bush -

'I like a little bit of hard core and honky tonk''

Until next time...

"I think as far as politics is concerned in music, most musicians shouldn't say anything unless they're willing to get into the trenches and fight,"

Dave Mustaine

Monday, 19 January 2009

Feet for thought...

OK, day two of my new blogging experience, and I'm already kinda wandering off my chosen subject.

Oh well, here it goes!

I've just got in from my (almost) daily run.

Now, I found myself thinking, why do I actually do this? I came to the conclusion that, yeah, I kinda like the idea of shifting the Christmas flab, and I'm warming to the idea that it might actually make me a little healthier, but there is a more pressing reason!

Thinking. Having the time to stop (well, move) and think about what ever I like, for those few moments a day is pretty priceless!

Now life, love, aspirations, yeah, all those things pop into my head whilst running from time to time.

But, Music, although I don't actually listen to any whilst I'm running, it's what I think about most:

What to listen to later, why to buy next, I wonder if Lanky (my long time home-buoy) has heard that band yet, I think he would love them!

In fact, it was partially running itself that gave me the idea to join the blogging world!

The other inspiration I suppose, for starting to blog, was my sister Katie.

Katie has very recently taken the helm of a award winning blog, Created in Birmingham, and I suppose was through reading her blogs that I decided to join the modern world!

Thanks Katie!

Anyway, random tangent over, it will be musical next time....I promise...

Sunday, 18 January 2009

First time blogger, long time music lover...

Well hello there, this is my first ever blog, so here it goes!

It’s all a bit of a new experience for me, so go easy, and forgive my mindless ramblings!

I’m mainly going to use this blog to whitter about what music I’m feeling at the moment, but expect the odd keyboard tangent!

Currently listening to: Kylie Auldist – Just Say

‘Just say’ is the debut solo album of Kylie Auldist , released way back in May 2008 on tru thoughts recordings.

Kylie has been a long time contributor to tru thoughts' own Bamboos, perfectly accompanying their Australian funkadelic stylings.

The jury is still out on the album as a whole, but there are the few odd tracks that stick out!

Track three, ‘Make Me Want More’ is probably one of the album’s better tracks.
Kylies voice seems to have some Gabrielle-like qualities throughout the track, but I surprisingly quite like that!

With its incessant rolling drum intros, the album as a whole has an Alice Russell meets The Supremes feel to it. Which, in this year being the 50th anniversary of Motown, gives a little poetic justice to Kylie's efforts!

On the subject of Alice Russell, her new(ish) arrived through my door yesterday like a fist full of treats, but more about that sometime later this week when I get a proper chance to listen to it!

Final thoughts: The album on a whole is pretty good, not tru thoughts best artist kickin it out there right now, but still pretty darn good!

I think I was a little apprehensive that if you take the Kylie out of the Bamboos, it wouldn’t work.

On this album however, the Bamboos are still very present, but have taken a step back to let Kylie Auldist’s creative spark alight!

If you like the Bamboos, Unforscene, or pretty much anything else on the tru thoughts label, head over to etchshop to grab yourself a copy!