Sunday, 18 January 2009

First time blogger, long time music lover...

Well hello there, this is my first ever blog, so here it goes!

It’s all a bit of a new experience for me, so go easy, and forgive my mindless ramblings!

I’m mainly going to use this blog to whitter about what music I’m feeling at the moment, but expect the odd keyboard tangent!

Currently listening to: Kylie Auldist – Just Say

‘Just say’ is the debut solo album of Kylie Auldist , released way back in May 2008 on tru thoughts recordings.

Kylie has been a long time contributor to tru thoughts' own Bamboos, perfectly accompanying their Australian funkadelic stylings.

The jury is still out on the album as a whole, but there are the few odd tracks that stick out!

Track three, ‘Make Me Want More’ is probably one of the album’s better tracks.
Kylies voice seems to have some Gabrielle-like qualities throughout the track, but I surprisingly quite like that!

With its incessant rolling drum intros, the album as a whole has an Alice Russell meets The Supremes feel to it. Which, in this year being the 50th anniversary of Motown, gives a little poetic justice to Kylie's efforts!

On the subject of Alice Russell, her new(ish) arrived through my door yesterday like a fist full of treats, but more about that sometime later this week when I get a proper chance to listen to it!

Final thoughts: The album on a whole is pretty good, not tru thoughts best artist kickin it out there right now, but still pretty darn good!

I think I was a little apprehensive that if you take the Kylie out of the Bamboos, it wouldn’t work.

On this album however, the Bamboos are still very present, but have taken a step back to let Kylie Auldist’s creative spark alight!

If you like the Bamboos, Unforscene, or pretty much anything else on the tru thoughts label, head over to etchshop to grab yourself a copy!

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