Monday, 19 January 2009

Feet for thought...

OK, day two of my new blogging experience, and I'm already kinda wandering off my chosen subject.

Oh well, here it goes!

I've just got in from my (almost) daily run.

Now, I found myself thinking, why do I actually do this? I came to the conclusion that, yeah, I kinda like the idea of shifting the Christmas flab, and I'm warming to the idea that it might actually make me a little healthier, but there is a more pressing reason!

Thinking. Having the time to stop (well, move) and think about what ever I like, for those few moments a day is pretty priceless!

Now life, love, aspirations, yeah, all those things pop into my head whilst running from time to time.

But, Music, although I don't actually listen to any whilst I'm running, it's what I think about most:

What to listen to later, why to buy next, I wonder if Lanky (my long time home-buoy) has heard that band yet, I think he would love them!

In fact, it was partially running itself that gave me the idea to join the blogging world!

The other inspiration I suppose, for starting to blog, was my sister Katie.

Katie has very recently taken the helm of a award winning blog, Created in Birmingham, and I suppose was through reading her blogs that I decided to join the modern world!

Thanks Katie!

Anyway, random tangent over, it will be musical next time....I promise...

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